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Arthur Miller wrote the play “Death of a Salesman” for a reason. We all want the salesmen to die…Arthur Miller - "Death of a Salesman"

Inktomi link popularity farm, only without the two-way link swapping, one-way only, is what is automatically generated in Panda Busters high volume, multi-tier ad pyramid creation

Panda Busters is a robot-generated page and backlink popularity farm based on the Inktomi search engine criteria, where a large group of webmasters with different domains and pages backlink to each other, without the penalties of link-swapping – scraping, merging data, and spinning articles for highly unique and rich content, high demand, low competition, trending upward keywords, with an understanding of 8 advantages of outbound links not formerly defined until now.

The purpose of the Google search engine concept is to be on top of many pyramids for many competitive keywords. Someone back-links to you with a URL (considered a “vote”), or anchor text, and are keyword relevant, someone back-links to that voter and are keyword relevant, and so on down a hierarchy. If a human votes for another human’s Web page on a different domain, it is considered “good” or “white hat” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content. But robots, in the last couple of decades, are known to represent a large percentage of Internet traffic, trying to hijack many Web pages, bypassing filters, most pages it hijacks are already on top of pyramids for competitive keywords, giving the robot much higher Pagerank or search engine rankings, and most top websites give do-follow credit. So the robot “votes for itself” and therefore is considered “unfair” or “black hat” SEO. Many black hats have multiple computers placing back-links on unsuspecting prey 24/7. See a more detailed explanation of white hat versus black hat SEO.

The truth is, Google benefits from black hat content, because if a search yields inferior content, it forces you to click on the paid advertising, or AdWords, which are more expensive than ever before.  They are a quasi-monopoly without much competition from Bing or Yahoo. The black hats are impossible to defeat without my ideas, as many admit to earning tens of thousands of dollars in a short period of time. The following is proof of Google’s final rejection of my attempt to launch an AdWords campaign, not a violation of their terms of service, but for that reason, they “incriminate” themselves by saying they cannot give a reason:

Rejection is Good

However, I will prove that we are at a critical junction where computers not only read and analyze faster and better than humans, they write better, and must be employed to compete and survive. When you scrape, merge, and spin words in an article, it is no different than what I do here as a human writer, with my writing and speaking habits a “spin” on the many people, writers and speakers themselves, who are my life’s influences. One philosophy says you can’t invent the wheel, you can only re-invent it, and all great discoveries happen by accident, like America and the microprocessor. So program a computer to think like a human, it will reproduce into many robots, hopefully for benevolent purposes based on observations of human behavior.

So by making black hat software white hat, you must have permission from the recipient of the ad and anchor text, which makes life easy as no robot blockers (captchas and recaptchas), no-follows, or expensive private proxy servers are necessary. Why would free resellers or affiliates give you permission? There are eight reasons it is good to have outbound links, read here.

There are nine ways to make a firewall perfect to wipe out spam once and for all, read here.

See Black to White Hat Instant Automation for more on how to use black hat software as white hat, then evolve at warp speed.

Are we the Amway of spam? No. Non-controversial and ethical, you can make money at the bottom of a pyramid, resellers spend nothing, sellers sell everything without the restrictions of one MLM firm, with robot-produced new original content for each non-plagiarized post – see here. Join as a member and I will share the wealth, and empower you with peer-to-peer mutual pyramid building where parasite-host relationships go away. See here for more details.

How to I get paid? The same way you do, with no reseller or seller membership subscriptions. See here. I am 100% commission-paid, so if you don’t make money, I don’t make money.

If you don’t have a website, WordPress is free (see and that means free domain registration and hosting, but you can pay a small hosting fee for opt-in e-mail and blogs/forums critical to your pyramid building. No programming, coding, or advanced graphic design skills required, as the content management system with easy-to-customize plugins and widgets make it simple, with a short learning curve, to build an advanced website, and plenty of free discussion board customer support there and here, with many Youtube tutorial videos as below:

To have your pages back-linked-to by the many of you who are also resellers who join for free and understand the eight benefits of outbound links, in a very short period of time and for a much higher volume of back-links than with any other system in the world, I require: (only $67/month, free for two weeks. I get $100 which partly goes back to you as customer service representative) for posting comments with back-links (anchor text) to anything, as you want to post to voluntary recipients here.

I also require the purchase of 100-tier affiliate tracking and compensation system at:

for $73/month, free for two weeks with no credit card obligation. I get 20% of sales with 90-day cookies.

See video below to learn how to post comments with back-links, no need to worry about harvesting keywords or URL’s, finding do-follow websites, private proxies, or robot blockers, which will quickly place 99 permission-based ads on a 100-tier pyramid in seconds. Come to our blog and listen to our podcast for free advice on how to create thousands of unique, content rich pages/ads and how to use software to rank high-up Googlebot pyramids on competitive keywords, knowing other big money white hat and black hat people will pale in comparison, with a low backlink mortality rate.

If you find this overwhelming, please go to and hire a freelancer. Even though they promote black hat services, our concept is strictly white hat, and the current black hat market is very competitive so they will gladly defect to Panda Busters, often charging you less than $100/month.

Robots can be used to employ regex formulas and pattern-matching and “consistency seeking” techniques to overcome robot blocking, even when code is randomized with random time number generators, or tries to block the robot because it moves faster than human speeds, but can be slowed down.

The customer is always right. Nothing is more important than customer service.  And everything is customer service. Even when you have no customers in the beginning. And I will give 50% of my total profit to you all for giving others customer service here, as you become the resident expert starting as a customer yourself! The 50% figure may rise or fall, depending on changing supply and demand for customer service agents.

There is a much better way for you and I to build up our discussion boards/social media databases with searches for content much better than Google, and capitalize with advertising and products bought cheap and in bulk without the drain of middlemen. See here.

Sellers will access my FREE live tutorials how to build 100 x 100 pyramids/matrices (backlink-per-tier x number of tiers, necessary for unprecedented high Eigenvector-value linear transformations for super-high Google rankings/Pagerank) with my personal tutoring in the discussion board/Skype access dashboard when you log-in.

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24/7 customer support for resellers and sellers to learn how to scrape reseller data, and be on top of competitive affiliate/Google multi-tier pyramids!