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Arthur Miller wrote the play “Death of a Salesman” for a reason, we all want the salesmen to die…Arthur Miller - "Death of a Salesman"

The Panda program was the first attempt by Google in 2011 to help promote better quality, content-rich websites to the top of Google rankings, creating a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm, to fight “black hats”. A panda, being a black and white animal, symbolizes how Google addresses that which is ethical white hat SEO or search engine optimization, versus black hat, which is unethical, and also gray hat, which is considered “ethically dubious”, like buying links. Penguin started in 2012 with a similar purpose, more designed to deal with link buying. Google exploded not long after it’s inception in 1998 as the first great search engine concept that rewards pages that are voted for (backlinked-to) by other pages on other domains, with better keyword relevance, and someone votes for the voter with keyword relevance, and so on down a pyramid, where the voter at first was assumed to be a human, therefore white hat. Black hat SEO uses robots to hijack pages of unsuspecting webmasters by using a search engine to seek keyword-related websites, who at first rank higher with higher Pagerank (Google’s formula for ranking domains, higher scores means higher rankings), and give you higher Pagerank when their pages point to them, signing-up and logging into pages (forums, blogs, etc.), even automatically confirming e-mail, and placing backlinks or URL’s pointing back to them on the pages, often with spun or altered words and images/video to be elusive and to avoid plagiarism penalties, so they vote for themselves. This has always been dangerous, as they receive higher Google rankings and their Google search-engine-looked-up visitors almost never know their high rankings are the result of SEO spamming, unique to any form of spamming before or after, as advertisers don’t want to solicit, they want warm-to-hot leads that seek them out based on targeted keywords (“If you build it, they will come”), which also happens when you scrape, spin, and post content to your forums for a much larger website more likely to attract visitors. Branding is critical to clinching the sale. Does the customer know you, and do they trust you? This is predicated on great SEO-generated traffic, and testimonials, preferably video testimonials, starting with great high demand, low competition, trending ideas, with a resume and references/links to recommendations for past successes, experience, education, qualifications, similar to what supports what you do now. Enforcement through “encryption not trust” becomes more of a norm for sellers to better guarantee privacy and theft protection, and educate resellers/customers how to program filters, bot blockers/gates for all desired and undesired criteria.

The first leverage of Google against black hat robots was to block them with reCaptcha filters, sometimes webmasters independently ask questions that require research on other pages for textual input, you have to identify the obscure hard-to-read alpha-numerics, move the cursor to the button and click, maybe identify any number of images that describe an object out of a greater montage, and so on. But artificial intelligence (reCaptcha breakers), combined with a community of human black hats that enter the results into a library, the URL/HTML code it comes from, and/or the URL’s they redirect to (captcha services), can stay one step ahead, and participation levels of surfers and no-to-small budget white hat backlink seekers have continued to diminish. Hijacked recipients removing backlinks was always the biggest obstacle. In 2013 Panda launched a campaign to as many webmasters as possible to proactively and automatically replace code in hyperlinks with “rel=nofollow” for little-to-no backlink credit. Based on my research in the Spring of 2016, 90% of pages were nofollow-based. This was quite effective at causing robot activity to drop, but the small white hat is also penalized as human-placed links are penalized 90% of the time. Black hats now compete for the diminishing-in-percentage but increasing-in-volume web pages that do dofollows, as websites become cheaper and better and easier to build with less of a learning curve. So there will always be a stalemate where the “money always wins” advertisers can buy discounted cost-per-unit ad campaigns in bulk, such as press releases, the death-nail historically for no-to-low-budget white hats, and the wealthy prosper more than ever before at the expense of the increasingly-challenged low-income black hats and white hats. Until now…

There are seven reasons it is good to have outbound links, now inspired by webmasters who can remove the nofollows and reCaptcha filters and benefit from invitation-based robot advertising with little-to-no investment and effort, and sellers become black-hat-turned-white-hat robot advertisers, and sellers and resellers can become one and the same and mutually benefit from one another:

  1. Money – be paid as an affiliate for no-risk cost-per-action advertising, or eventually higher profit margin CPC/CPI advertising, higher risk for seller, no risk with guaranteed cash flow to reseller. Be paid profit-sharing incentives or “bonus commission” when your seller ranks higher in Google results pages and receives more search engine paying customers, rewarding you to keep his/her reseller payment history valid with more pay-outs to you for you to approve or remove retroactively. See
  2. Automatic filtration – proactively and retroactively block/admit robot advertisers and clean your website’s content of unwanted ads/text/pages/backlinks with all possible criteria, to block robots that don’t meet your needs, and invite the ones that do, with a better understanding over time how reseller and seller can proactively work hard and smart to serve common interests with less work and expense.  See
  3. High “Woodrank” – a 0 to 10 score based on high original content score for seller’s landing page, high anticipated Pagerank for landing or pointed-to page, based on SEO relevance and visibility (Web position analysis that compares seller to high-ranking competition based on priority keywords, best placed in anchor text with backlink to reseller, and trending upward), the same for the seller’s ad/backlink page for resellers, the “keyword relevance” between the two pages, and low plagiarism penalty for the two page’s relationship (these last two factors means for now there should be about a 10-50% overlap in content for both documents, as too much relevance means a possible plagiarism penalty, although penalties are less likely as backlinks were originally encouraged to avoid plagiarism penalties, based on comparisons for the same keywords, their frequency, proximity, prominence, size of document, etc., and webmasters’ pages that point outward were thought to have little reason to plagiarize the landing page, because pointer and pointed-to were once thought to be different people. SERP Pagerank analyzers/scores based on interpolations of competition comparing different ranks and Eigenvector matrix determinant calculations [eg. 10 equations and 10 unknowns, solved quickly without substitutions] for the weighted-averages of all the factor-importance-degrees, will keep up with modifications to Pagerank formula changes). See
  4. More pages for content to increase chances of attracting search engine visitors – even when these pages have no backlinks to them at first and zero Pagerank, high demand, low competition, trending upward keyword-pages likely to rank high when backlinkers are invited. See
  5. Fresh content, because of more additions, more subtractions from cleaning old content – and Googlebot will reward frequently-modified websites with higher Pagerank. See
  6. Automatic backlinking to you to put you high up a pyramid – when reseller invites more robots, the seller is more likely to post ads/pages with backlinks to them as best-case-scenario a first-tier affiliate with 98 tiers below them, knowing that historic black hat SEO robots don’t want to work too hard to build you up as a high tier in a pyramid, as the first-tier traditionally “hijacked” recipient, when black hats did not want permission or recipient acknowledging their presence, but first-tier webmasters below robot seller page would eventually remove most or all backlinks, making multi-tier pyramid building a waste of time. More backlinks is not good enough for high Pagerank, seller/reseller must be part of a very large pyramid with as many tiers as possible. See
  7. Absence of plagiarism penalties – again, as mentioned in (3.) “Woodrank” considerations, outbound links useful to your surfers for related content means you’re not penalized for plagiarism, what originally made Google possible. By Google’s admission, you could have a Pagerank as high as 1 just for pointing to original content. See
Bot Gate
Bot Gate – take back your mailbox, local computer, website, social media account, SMS text messenger, and eventually your brain to only allow that which you want to enter, and reject everything else proactively and with retroactive cleaning. Based on the accidental discovery of transistor gates and semi-conductor truth table logic, with a minimum amount of electron current and a “breaking point” where the current passes the gate for the first time when it see enough electron holes that have an affinity for them (a switch, it’s either on or it’s off), or now recognition of black-listed words you block, or the absence of white-listed words, high complaint scores, low recommendation scores, low “pre-Woodrank”, and most importantly, domains/URL strings/IP address ranges that don’t pay enough over past time ranges you specify, you can instantly clean some or all of your pages.
Mutual symbiosis – clown fish feed sea anemones, and are the only creatures not attacked by the sea anemones when too close, giving them protection with their tentacles armed with cnidocytes. Most miniature reef aquariums quickly lose delicate, beautiful corals from water chemistry or temperature changes, and often because of parasites and ugly manta shrimp, but the parasites die when all the hosts die, the only poetic justice when parasites over-consume hosts. Clown-fish-sea anemone-combinations are known to last decades, easily outliving other parasite-host and commensalist relationships. The man-and-machine relationship is no different.

See for the best black hat software for SEO robot web page keyword search and backlink building, approved URL data grab-and-store for multi-tier pyramid building, multiple backlink/ad grab-from-stack-and-post programs, form mail posting (now very non-competitive), unique content creation, etc. The black hat community, with my suggestions, will study time-delay rejection rates, for websites like Facebook, which became great and #1 because of privacy protection that Myspace did not have, by analyzing the distribution/histograms of human typing/upload/download speeds, the robots that grab and post information can interpolate these block rates for the highest-allowed human speeds and print at a slower-than-usual robot pace. Facebook and other social media does well as the highest return-on-investment until contaminated by spam and discouraged non-spammers who don’t want to work too hard. Social media means keywords with categorical information for studying surfers/customers demographics and buying habits, much better than keyword-only analysis, while those who are surfers can follow, be followed, engage, be engaged, and rates/percentages of new followers, impressions, and engagements go up with perseverance, so something free, even with social media managers, where as one user you post to your multiple platforms and follow and engage many other users, and posts to everyone else in your team, is very powerful, mutual symbiosis and 100% permission-based. For spam that is cumbersome and non-invitation-based, it can be more invitation-based with better filtration techniques but more importantly a payment confirmation system like we have here, and automated filtration of all possible criteria becomes more advanced with less human responsibility in the future. But like the anti-spammers used to say, “Take back your mail box”, now they know it has nothing to do with laws or even blocker technology, it’s all about money, and taking back your right to customize your own filter becomes easier and better over time. “Take back your brain”, with bot gates instead of bot blockers, blocks Big Brother, more about advertising then political prosecutions/persecutions, and Little Brothers will serve you well because it is done with consent, and we all become clown fish and sea anemones, and hosts always violated by parasites join our movement, and the parasites, snakes that now eat their own tails, go away forever.

Are we the Amway of spam? No. Non-controversial and ethical, you can make money at the bottom of a pyramid, resellers spend nothing, sellers sell everything without the restrictions of one MLM firm, with robot-produced new original content for each non-plagiarized post (computers/robots, after decades, not only read and analyze better than humans, but now they write better, join as a member and I will show you how!), peer-to-peer mutual pyramid building where parasite-host relationships go away. See here.

How to I get paid? The same way you do, with or without seller membership subscriptions. See here.

If you don’t have a website, WordPress is free (see and that means free domain registration and hosting. No programming, coding, or advanced graphic design required, as the content management system with easy-to-customize plugins and widgets make it simple, with a short learning curve, to build an advanced website, and plenty of free discussion board customer support there and here. You can also use your social media page. Facebook has many options where you can open your own store, receive payment, and sell anything you want. While Facebook has software written in XML and CSS, as opposed to HTML easily recognized by robots, when you offer your Facebook/social media page to be backlinked, or linked to, the robot (e.g. Scrapebox) can easily be programmed to enter Facebook with your own (seller’s) e-mail username and password and place permission-based ads. Robots can be used to employ regex formulas and pattern-matching and “consistency seeking” techniques to over-come robot blocking, even when code is randomized with random time number generators, or tries to block the robot because it moves faster than human speeds, but can be slowed down.

The customer is always right. Nothing is more important than customer service.  And everything is customer service. Even when you have no customers in the beginning. So I am reaching out to the world with my $97 all-in-one package for form mail blasting, highly non-competitive at first, as advertising gets you into business with customer satisfaction guarantees. And I will give 30% of my total revenue to you all for giving others customer service here, as you become the resident expert starting as a customer yourself! The 30% figure may rise or fall, depending on changing supply and demand for customer service agents.

There is a much better way for you and I to build up our discussion boards/social media databases with searches for content much better than Google, and capitalize with advertising and products bought cheap and in bulk without the drain of middlemen. See here.

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