Avoid Plagiarism

Originally the only reason for Google to prosper when the invention debuted in 1998 is that previous search engines, which ranked websites based on keyword relevance only, would be punished for plagiarism, but one-to-one correspondence between pages, voter and the voted, originally different people, became challenged when recipient pages were hijacked by black hat robots who vote for themselves and is therefore highly unethical. But now the solicitations become more invitation-based and true artificial intelligence that has read well for a long time now writes well with content less about spin of words and templates with data merging, with black hat article spinners, but more original content with related scraping campaigns that extract data from search engines from websites not spidered by Googlebot, and often pattern-matched keywords for indexed pages where you see the “trees in the forest”, different related scraped tables for more templates for more data merge spinning, decreased plagiarism penalty scores with more keyword relevance and what will be automation for reading the many “little keywords” that effect the seed or “big keyword” for known uptrending that becomes more predictable when you add more factors to the Fourier trends analysis, because of a smoother wave and the world community effecting the trend for the best, and I will provide the Fourier calculator for you to predict keyword demand, competition, margin of error, and exact slope or degree of trendiness for fixed time intervals, for free. Better SERP/Web position analysis will allow webmaster’s to crack the formula for Pagerank indefinitely over time, including the degree of overlap between outbound page and inbound page, where keyword relevance is critical, but too much overlap is bad also for a possible plagiarism penalty, so we will address the ideal percentage of overlapping. Original content, one thing Google rewards you for when you have outbound links, will also be analyzed for determining what is the necessary criteria, but is for now thought to be high demand, low competition keywords trending upward.