Customized Filters

Ability to filter robots reactively and proactively, posts to your site based on URL strings/domains/sub-domains/IP addresses with octet variations/words (such as “Block Bot Options” under “Settings” in WordPress, look for other bot filters/blockers/cleaners/firewall plugins in search engines for content management systems), redirect to error page or URL of page listing grievances and how to amend, add to black-listed database, URL’s/IP addresses, etc. Future plans are now in the making for filters for ads that have no-to-low payment history for resellers, a high number of complaints, a low number of recommendations, and a low Woodrank score, based on original content score of landing page, anticipated Pagerank for robot ad/post page and landing page based on best keyword distribution/document criteria minus backlink importance, keyword relevance between post and landing page, and plagiarism score when ad/post page and landing page are too similar. These scores (which will vary between 0 to 10) with be added to robot domain as data at end of URL query string for benefit of seller and invitation-based reseller, which will have an alphabetic equivalent like “WR=one”, “WR=two”, etc. (“WR” means Woodrank) and can be blocked as words. “AntiSpam” by CleanTalk is a good WordPress plugin for adding bad or black-listed words, white-listed keywords, blocking domains/URL strings, IP addresses/final octet of IP address variations of robots that don’t offer commission, don’t backlink to you, don’t pay you, etc., and add them to a universal database of black-listed identities (mostly domains). Future bot filters will block or admit based on decimal number thresholds, like “WR=1.25” where the string is read and anything below 1.25 is blocked.