1. Cost-per-action advertising goes up with more outbound traffic and because of higher rankings for your seller, as the recipient of robots, at first solicited without invitation, can be offered “bonus commission” and the recipient will not even have to sign-up and login as the same robot will create affiliate accounts for you at my free affiliate tracking management service, with PayPal e-mail addresses robot seller will obtain here. Black-hat-turned-white-hat software can store domains/URL’s, obtained here with the PayPal e-mail addresses, and solicit more new recipients, who will sign-up here for free to offer information with an affiliate URL I offer as I pay robot salespeople commission here. All my money comes from sellers, so it is good to solicit recipients as sellers to be paid commission by me, but even as others sign-up for free reseller service, you add them to a pool of available new 100% invitation-based customers good for the seller community to access and mutually benefit from with exponentially rising numbers. They and their surfers will always be tracked and you will be rewarded exclusively as an individual when they become sellers, which creates more opportunity for higher rankings, revenue, and what will be trends analysis with a free Fourier calculator to predict future trends, something Google Trends and the Wall Street consulting firm Trends Analysis charge at expensive prices. You are now part of a growing epidemic of robot sellers encouraging everyone to give-up nofollows and recaptcha filters, and the more timid webmasters who work too hard to micro-manage will lose market share.
    2. Verification of payment made through downloading spreadsheets (eg. PayPal CSV files) with domains in PayPal e-mail address that should be in strings in backlink from affiliate link, with domains extracted from Excel/Google Docs/Open Documents spreadsheet filter (Data → Filter → Advanced Filter), sorted based on payment amount where those with unacceptable amounts and less can be added to black-list column (1st), anything above will be placed in the white-list column (2nd), and a scrape of all backlinks URL’s on your site placed in a 3rd column (WordPress scraper plugins like “WP Scraper” and desktop software like are good), after filtering to extract only the domains. Adding payers’ payments, when they pay more than once for a selected time interval,  with the same domain/PayPal e-mail address, can be done with additions of sorted columns of data to a third column of unique data, and understood by doing a search for “Excel add cells of one column to another with corresponding second column changing data criteria”, less necessary when you have a monthly regiment and the sellers pays on a date, usually we recommend the 15th of the following month, so you only need to scrape PayPal for the previous month. Subtracting cells from the third column that are not in the white-listed (2nd) column can be placed in the 4th column, and added to “Block Bot Settings” or information from URL’s, like word strings, that you want to put in bad words or black-listed words in “Block Spammers” banned words box (see “3.” below for plugin information). Subtracting one column of backlink URL’s from the good ones can be done by doing a search for “Excel subtract cells of one column from another”, which will give you a formula you can customize and insert into the top text field in your spreadsheet software after “=”. There will be more user-friendly applications in the future, and as always a discussion board for resellers to file complaints about non-payment which can inspire other unpaid resellers to investigate proof of non-payment with single logins to affiliate tracking statistics, which will one day allow all resellers and all their resellers to see each other with one login. Sellers can post username/password data created for sign-ups/logins at their affiliate management software tracker page for each affiliate, stored in their black hat database when they are first posted. The reseller must first sign-up here for free after solicitation to be a reseller to potentially all sellers, then when seller downloads spreadsheets of resellers, multiple sign-up data with known PayPal e-mail address of reseller and software created usernames/passwords that robot uses to access the seller’s own affiliate sign-up page, it can be stored and then posted to resellers’ corresponding form mail page so only webmaster knows about their username/password/affiliate URL login page. Plugins will soon be improved and integrated to automate all these services, see Easy Plugin Integration.
    3. Potential for cost-per-click (higher risk for seller, but higher profit margin/return-on-investment) and cost-per-impression (an even higher risk but the highest profit margin, highest ROI) advertising, but recipient with outbound links pays nothing upfront or ever.