Seller Will Backlink to You With Many Tiers

Incentive for robots to backlink to your pages to build you up as what can be a best-case-scenario first-tier in a 99-tier pyramid of backlinks, ranking very high on Google for many keywords, occurs only when their is cooperation from those who receive the initial backlinks. Many backlinks are not good enough, you need many tiers, and the original obstacle of black hat robots is that the second tier would eventually remove most or all of the backlinks, making multi-tier pyramid building undesirable unless it becomes white hat and permission-based. Recipients formerly hijacked by black hat robots would eventually remove most or all of these backlinks, as black hats did not want acknowledgement of their activity, but there was little incentive to build a large multi-tier pyramid, knowing the first-tier below them would cause their hard-work to be more meaningless over time when the backlinks are removed. Ranking high as a affiliate/reseller, means higher Google rankings for you with pre-filtered keyword choices, you and those above and below you are more keyword relevant for a higher Pagerank, but not with a high enough overlap for a high-enough plagiarism penalty, and higher affiliate commissions when your surfers go from your Web page to the seller, with anticipation of peer-to-peer sales, now a small percentage of revenue when compared to virgin Google/search engine traffic, going up. But you get commission for people below you when they send surfers/purchasers to the seller’s website, so an explosion of revenue with little-to-no work/investment, once the learning-curve for free reseller benefits and easy plugin integration for the perfect bot gate/blocker/deporter mechanism is achieved, and it puts into into warp drive, leagues above the over-worked micro-managers whose counter-productive activity behooves your hyper-growth and ability to persevere. See Easy Plugin Integration.