Radio Affiliate

I Promote You, and/or You Promote Me

Let me pay you commission and free usage of $400/month affiliate tracking software when you promote any of my 5 websites, and/or you can use the same free software to pay me if you want me to promote you on my podcast, “Ask Jim Anything”, 1 PM – 4 PM PST M-F. You can prerecord your commercial, up to 60 seconds, or give me a script, with a music soundtrack if you prefer, and I will narrate it for you. I can announce live with your verbiage woven into main content of show (not one of 2-3 commercials every 15 minutes, make it an editorial where the commercial directly corresponds to, or is “inline with” main content or most interesting part of show’s regular content, like a trending news event).

You decide what commission (percentage) you pay me, and up to the next 98 tiers, if you prefer, of all 99 tiers of affiliates who promote you on their blog and podcast as well. So if a customer buys from the bottom tier, the above 98 tiers of affiliates and you all get paid. I will create an HTML redirect page (eg. that redirects to your affiliate URL so I can be paid as your affiliate when I promote you, and if you are my affiliate and you promote me on your podcast and/or blog, I can create a redirect page for you here as well.

Podcasts are normally listened to by other podcasters who look you up in the podcast (say search engine, especially when you’re live. That’s why it’s good to do a long show, and because podcasting is hard work, it’s less competitive. Those who promote you not only on their podcast but their blog give you back-links for higher Google rankings. It is much higher when you have multi-tier back-links with a large pyramid with trending keyword relevant content, so this is a free opportunity that cannot be passed-up!

Let me know if you want a free interview. No middleman fees. Fill out the following form and I will create affiliate URLs and send them and “spoken URLs” (eg. to you.