Amway of Spam?

Monte Python Spam The Real McCoysThe “Amway of spam” concept (a buyer is a seller, a seller is a buyer) will become more popular, only the spam gives way to truly original, evolving, eclectic content, and we will all own our own version of Amway as sellers with unlimited varieties of products/services with “mutual cross-pyramid building”. Spam is any advertising done in repetition, and does so over time in higher quantity and with more ease with less of a learning curve and less expense. But as buyers and sellers engage each other with a much larger variety of products and services than can be sold by any one firm, and there will not be the $100-250/month MLM membership fees with required purchases, far less. Most importantly, solicitation tactics go from non-permission to more permission based invitations, those who resist lose possibly all market share. The potential exists where no money is needed for advertising, only an agreement to pay commission to encourage harder, smarter work. So money does not always win, as small investors traditionally could not compete with big money advertisers, as Google/Panda does not want you to know good Google organic results through white hat SEO with bulk discount-per-unit-press releases in the past means big money always won. Most major Internet institutions banned multi-level-marketing years ago, but they never have and never will ban multi-tier affiliate programs, which to my understanding is the same concept, so there is a conflict in the definition of terminology where affiliate programs that become more ethical have little chance of being banned or these institutions (eg. PayPal) will lose serious market share. Using what is now black hat SEO software for SEO spam and form mail spam is necessary for the uninvited-to-invited conversion of all webmasters into acceptance of something we can all mutually benefit from, and can apply to other forms of spam like e-mail, social media, SMS text messaging, and even spyware that is not harmful to computer client if anti-spyware has a gate, not just a blocker, for client stipulated criteria.

In a nutshell, this is an SEO Google MLM (multi-level marketing), and we have an e-mail commission-based legal “chain letter” service where we show you how to use gmail, horde mail, etc., and regex functions that black-list/white-list messages that you pass on or block, based on words, payment history of seller, etc., and buy from to earn commissions for you and your down-line for the sellers’ products/services. We are much better and less controversial then Amway because:
1. Resellers, or the people below the number 1 person in the pyramid, don’t have to pay a membership fee, they are paid, and we are paid, CPA no-risk commission
2. You can be at the bottom of the pyramid and still earn money with added robot content to your website (high volume, low plagiarism) that attracts buyers. 7 advantages of outbound links over-all
3. Much cheaper than Amway, as little as $9.99/month, with increasing price structure to encourage immediate sign-ups
4. The sellers at the top of of the pyramid all have their own version of Amway, but not limited to just healthcare products, an indefinite variety of products and services
5. Mutual symbiosis – you win, I win, with high human and robot energy levels where everyone can do extremely well

As opposed to these robots normally used by black hats who want to steal backlinks from their competition, we share back-links, this is the only hope to save the Internet from spammers, hackers, having to identify graphics when signing up (recaptcha filters), getting rid of nofollows where robots and humans get no credit for a back-link, a must-have that will end indiscretion.

See Automated Article Creation for the best explanation for how to create thousands of articles for your 99-tier reseller lineages, with less effort, especially in an improving economy where people are likely to be more of a master of one, rather than a jack of all trades. This leads to true independent AI where all you need is a seed keyword (eg. “plumber”), starting off with a few templates, and the power of data merge.