Black to White Hat Instant Automation

See for the best black hat software for SEO robot web page keyword search and backlink building, approved URL data grab-and-store for multi-tier pyramid building, multiple backlink/ad grab-from-stack-and-post programs, form mail posting (now very non-competitive), unique content creation, etc. The black hat community, with my suggestions, will study time-delay rejection rates, for websites like Facebook, which became great and #1 because of privacy protection that Myspace did not have, by analyzing the distribution/histograms of human typing/upload/download speeds, the robots that grab and post information can interpolate these block rates for the highest-allowed human speeds and print at a slower-than-usual robot pace. Facebook mostly benefits from using XML and CSS, meaning non-static code instead of HTML, almost impossible for robots like ScrapeBox to train how to decipher and exploit, knowing the code might change the next day. That’s why we are employing optical character recognition (OCR) robots that automatically, or with a human input library, “get” and “post” anything normally seen with the human eye, like text fields for entering spun articles, and hitting an image that reads as “post”, “submit”, etc., to propose Panda Busters MLM concept to Facebook users and all social media, grab ratings from pages for a future search engine, much better than Google, Google Trends results, and so on. Facebook and other social media does well as the highest return-on-investment until contaminated by spam and discouraged non-spammers who don’t want to work too hard. Social media means keywords with categorical information for studying surfers/customers demographics and buying habits, much better than keyword-only analysis, while those who are surfers can follow, be followed, engage, be engaged, and rates/percentages of new followers, impressions, and engagements go up with perseverance, so something free, even with social media managers, where as one user you post to your multiple platforms and follow and engage many other users, and posts to everyone else in your team, is very powerful, mutual symbiosis and 100% permission-based. For spam that is cumbersome and non-invitation-based, it can be more invitation-based with better filtration techniques but more importantly a payment confirmation system like we have here, and automated filtration of all possible criteria becomes more advanced with less human responsibility in the future. But like the anti-spammers used to say, “Take back your mail box”, now they know it has nothing to do with laws or even blocker technology, it’s all about money, and taking back your right to customize your own filter becomes easier and better over time. “Take back your brain”, with bot gates instead of bot blockers, blocks Big Brother, more about advertising then political prosecutions/persecutions, and Little Brothers will serve you well because it is done with consent, and we all become clown fish and sea anemones, and hosts always violated by parasites join our movement, and the parasites, snakes that now eat their own tails, go away forever.