Automated Article Creation

The preferred article format, to rank high on Google, is 500 words, with the frequency of the targeted keyword being once every 150 words, and in close proximity if more than word in keyword expression. There should be two large fonts as a question at the top of article. The keywords should be in the domain/canonical domain, URL string, etc. It should also be in the meta-tags, and comments. This is the best recommendation for keyword density, but the power of Google dictates that unless you have many tiers of many backlinks, where pages on other domains point to you or “endorse” you, you cannot do the best you can with Google or the other search engines that bought their license.

SEO Quake is free and good for comparing your Webpage to others, what you have to do to rank high. The plagiarism penalty score is crucial also, as you may have created something that overlaps some other one out a half-billion pages. This is what made Googlebot a clever invention, as the one greatest incentive to backlink to or endorse another Webpage, prior to their debut in 1998, is the physical presence of the backlink, as Yahoo and the old guard punished plagiarism very stringently. If the backlink has keywords to replace the character-for-character string, and you find out through Google Trends it’s trending upward, high demand, low competition, or TUHDLC (the competition is determined by looking up the keyword as a literal in double quotes, like “plumber”). But just as important are the related keywords, where it is suggested you look at the seed keyword and a number of related keywords (beyond the four that allow you to see the timeline/graph), and when you have high TUHDLC best-case-scenario for the top 5 keywords to be used in your article. Start with one good article, with spintax for all 5 keywords (eg. {plumber | drain leak specialist | sewage repair person} for the seed keyword, the other four articles for related keywords are processed the same way), and using spintax on other words, fragments of sentences, whole sentences, and eventually paragraphs.

The best spin software, even though a crude version is offered by most black hat robot programs, is the You can automatically grab anything from a thesaurus for synonym spin, and the thesaurus is updated with new words daily. Latent semantics, non-English words, and spun portions of made-up compound words are also helpful in getting the plagiarism penalty low. You can compare each of 1,000 articles to each other for the overlap score, and discard anything where it is too great. They quantify the degree by which the synonyms overlap, so after parsing, once you know, based on your writing style, how many synonyms you can use without being grammatically incorrect (and that is something analyzed as well for writer to correct) you can create more unique, literate content faster. For example, mutt is a better synonym for mongrel than dog. The same people that make The Best Spinner also have an article creator, where you only need choose a category and subcategory, and the software will spin other writers’ content. While some may consider this to be theft, your writing style and mine are the result of conglomerating others’ writing and speaking styles, so its just as fair, only now necessary, as humans cannot compete with robots.

With this software, you can do data merge, where the top ranking articles on “plumber” can be grabbed by search engine searches, and have paragraphs pulled out. The best writing style for an article or “press release” is to maintain about 5 paragraphs, about 100 words each, the first paragraph makes a proposition, why what you sell is superior, then the next three paragraphs, taken from a search engine search (eg. “plumber” and and many literal matches for your related keywords) probably talking about the pros and cons of your industry, competitors, etc. Your final paragraph will be the summary of why what you sell is superior, turning any liabilities into assets. You can have wild cards, or macros, for spintax in the same first and fifth columns, not just for reducing plagiarism penalty, but to grab from a table of scraped data from Google Trends, Word Tracker, etc., that has high TUHDLC, changing daily with new trends and new related keywords for trending. Ultimately, once we find a true dynamic, change by the day macro, everything automated between desktop and remote (plugin) software, you have something unbeatable, and anticipated everything the future’s market has in store us is critical.

There are two things to remember in SEO marketing with my strategy:

1. Just because something has a high TUHDLC score, doesn’t mean it’s not a loss leader, such as selling 99 cent Blue Ray discs, where you lose money at first. But by bring the customers into the store (brick and mortar or Internet website) if you have a great price on the latest, greatest Blue Ray player, you will most likely profit, especially if you offer 10 free blue rays with the purchase of a player. And yes, inventory control software can easily be automated to anticipate a drop in Blue Ray disc sales, but what will be the most likely profit margin when combining two products that rely on each other. Loss leaders are normally the result of too much supply/inventory for any one store to maintain, with too much competition from Walmart. But by pooling your money with others and buying in bulk like they do, and using preexisting inventory space like garages and rooms you don’t have to pay extra for, we can all have a competitive advantage with buy low, sell high inventory control software. Please see

2. Because we are established as the first legitimate, solicited robot advertiser, and there is a need for keyword relevance between pages (the Google concept, someone points to you and they are keyword relevant, someone points to them and they are keyword relevant, and so one) it is unknown if the inverse relationship between plagiarism and keyword relevance is non-linear. But as a safe bet it is linear,  low plagiarism need not be too much a concern, as no known robots, even when talking to the people at Black Hat World,  create more than one tier below them, and here you can quickly post to 99 pages/tiers. But it is important to randomize the anchor text (words in the backlinks), or a major penalty might ensure