E-mail Pyramid

Not a Scheme or Scam, Self-sustaining, 100% Free, or Total Loss of Credibility

Commit to spend not one fraction of a penny for sales, marketing, and advertising. Even the software I will give you is free. We will win, ideas alone triumph, big money advertisers cannot compete!

E-mail pyramidOpt-in e-mail is still the highest ROI of any advertising by far. Even without a payment mechanism for opting-in. As with backlink advertising going from black hat to white hat, shared revenue where AI makes the advertising less “spammy”, the same applies to traditional e-mail spam, or form mail posting spam, that can be filtered with regex pattern-matching formulas for black-listing and white-listing alpha-numeric/punctuation symbols, strings, and number ranges, a standard that will be used for all Panda Busters E-mail Promoters (PBEP) for multi-tier advertising, and spam filtration through regex pattern-matching, until a better GUI is designed as a universal e-mail client, with PBEP: in the beginning of the subject of the e-mail message as a courteous flag. Here are the following examples, with arbitrary numbers and units:


referrer=40 points

referree=80 points

subscriber=10 points

opens=1 points

click-throughs=3 points

in message/body and/or subject, this is the “industry standard”  for opt-in e-mail MLM’s I suggest we all follow. Horde Mail, Round Cube, and Squirrel Mail are good when registering your website-based e-mail addresses for filtering, see http://www.ixwebhosting.com/support/st_kb/how-to-set-up-spam-filters-rules-in-horde/ for how to block “spam” where you control your destiny, GMail and Yahoo have customize-able filters as well – I recommend creating a separate folder for rejected messages that have “commission=”, …, insufficient percentages or points, that in all likelihood mean e-mail MLM opportunities that cannot be accepted but might be scrutinized separately, and get more attention than that passed on to the trash folder. For learning regex pattern-matching, see https://ryanstutorials.net/regular-expressions-tutorial/regular-expressions-basics.php. So you could set-up your filter to reject any commission under 20%, for example. You can add a formula to your regex e-mail filter (most hosting accounts, go to your username with “down” arrow in upper right corner), pull down and click on “filters”, create a filter name, create two criteria, for subject and body, pull-down menu to right for “matches regex”, and for the formula add:


for MLM opt-in e-mail sponsors who are accepted only if they offer over 19% commission. If the industry standard for all e-mail MLM dictates you start with one point for opens, and the other factors (referrers, referee points, etc.) may be higher or lower at times to better sustain the pyramid, like when things become too competitive, and there is a need to deprecate referrer points. You can set-up filters like:

referrer=[1-39] points

so any MLM pyramid that offers less than 40 points, relative to what is presumed to be 1 point at all times for an opening of an e-mail, means it is rejected for the more aggressive MLM marketer who wants more referral points. If less aggressive, seeking a more entry-level friendly MLM, you might add:


where “.” means any arbitrary value above 40.

For an e-mail pyramid, where it is anticipated the original seller sending a solicitation to an indefinite number of tiers, such that commission may exceed 100% total for an unknown number of tiers, and more, in most cases, the seller is willing to pay, it is good to start with an initial high commission amount, and a “deprecating percentage”, with a minimum bottom commission, say 0.5%. For example, if you are willing to pay the first tier below you 10%, and want to pay the tiers below that by a deprecating percentage of 50%, the lineage may look as follows:






So the standard for strings that cascading commission agreements will be as follows:




In the near future, with opt-in e-mail only, we will design invisible pixel replacements for your HTML e-zines, that will process a dynamic, remote PHP script determining if the tier the recipient receives the message from is so low it registers a bottomMinPercentage less than what the recipient is willing to accept. As a result, instead of the image of an invisible pixel being shown, it will display an image with a warning, emphasizing that passing on the chain letter to your down-line may not be worth it. The recipient of a sale’s pitch, which could be many tiers down and void of receiving commission, can still receive opt-in or open, click-through, and action/purchase commission, until better GUI’s for a mail client that recalculates the formula for each seller/reseller is designed.

Then mutual symbiosis sets in, where you can send and receive e-mail solicitations, now that I created bulk e-mail randomizers with scrapers to overcome GMail, Yahoo, AOL, the major e-mail providers with about 3 billion addresses worldwide with their previously impossible to break filters until now, and you can receive commission for a legal change letter pyramid, which costs nothing, and everyone, the referrer and the referred, get paid. Ask about my free PHP mailer, and look for tutorials that show you how to create a WAMP dual-boot server to send a “best spinner” version for e-mail messages. Randomization is best accomplished with mail merge, where you have wildcard fields for changing data, from message to message, like first name, last name, address, etc., often provided when you download .XLS files, some can be scraped (eg. https://www.WebHarvy.com) or some obtained inexpensively with fresh target lists. See EmailDataPro:

Open rates of 30% are common, with the right subject, and a 50% click-through rate is also common.

The free e-mail extractor program I use is http://www.ChinaCompanyDatabase.com, with free PHP hosting for online PHP mailers (as many as possible, to run different robots 24/7 and avoid possible IP addresses blocking, which can also be accomplished with VPN’s and private proxy servers) that require no expensive SMTP servers that shut you down, and free “from” e-mail addresses (but don’t use the common ones like GMail or Yahoo, and don’t use the ones with domains in the URL’s in the messages you send). You can search Google/Bing/Yahoo for words like “@gmail.com @yahoo.com @aol.com” and add targeted words related to search, add URL’s to list, scope (for more targeting), and so on to quickly obtain tens of thousands of addresses in a short period of time. Many of your searches (and it’s good to limit the age of pages since modification to 5 years) will have .xls files for excel so you can do mail merge, make it more personalized. PDF files with slower robot acquisition (bottom of China Company Database allows you to slow acquisition time) reads are less competitive, as fewer spammers harvest them. Google/Bing/Yahoo searches can allow you to cntrl-a or highlight and copy all (cntrl-c) search content and add (cntrl-v) to http://www.convertcsv.com/url-extractor.htm, then add “http://” for a “Find and Replace” all “www.”, then replace “http://http://” with “http://” (do the same thing for secure websites, or “https”), but add it manually for domains with no “www.”, and create a text file for URL extraction (you may have to occasionally remove “http://www.” for all URL’s, as some websites double “http://” to thwart robots with China Company Database’s desktop software), copy the paste (cntrl-v) into China Company Database’s URL list (you should try to go beyond the 5th, 10th pages of search engine as a human, much less competitive, and Google will do a robot check after 10 page views), and start harvesting. This can be done in Excel, or Google Docs spreadsheets. But because China Company Database has a bug that doubles “http(s)”, and most Google search results, about 90% of the time, produce URL’s with at least the “www”, you can use http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/replace-text/  to strip undesired strings of bigger strings or URL’s.

Images are a bad idea when sending unsolicited e-mail, and should only be used for opt-in e-mail. Even for tracking opens with an invisible pixel, it will often be thought of as malware and blocked. Any word which is in anyway thought of as a solicitation will be blocked, so misspell – use -, –. __, /, //, or numbers like “3” for “e”, “@” for “a”, “funnd” for “fund”, etc. Randomizing “from”, “reply-to”, subject, even the message, as well as the number of e-mails sent between socket open/close intervals, as well as the delay intervals (while randomizing the order of the “To” e-mail addresses is important, so you don’t have too many go to gmail recipients, for example, at any one time) and upload all the bounce-backs to a text file for purging (in Excel, you can delete one column from another) and is all possible with my free software. Subscribe here (upper right corner) if you are interested in this software, which must be FTP’d to your host. There is no need to pay to clean the first groups of extracted software. To prevent spam traps, for example, but it could be used for free to reject dirty lists, when breaking them down into smaller lists. Sending the e-mail 24/7 at a slow pace on many free PHP hosts is the key. Some free PHP hosts will block socket opening commands that my software uses, so you may want to use a number of $1.99-$2.99/month hosting services, or build a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) box on your personal PC (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/wampserver/?source=typ_redirect) and learn tutorials on how to host websites and build SMTP servers. Many search engine tutorials will show you how to do this, making a VPN or proxy easier to use for privacy, randomizing dozens of private IP addresses.

The goal is to get people to come to your website and opt-in with a PayPal e-mail address after being spammed, while complying with the Can-spam act with a non-misleading subject, physical addresses, and opt-out method. Ask each subscriber, like on the right, to add the address of the person who referred them. They will have the incentive to do so with a point system, here I offer:

40 points for the referrer,

80 points for the referred, or referree,

10 points for subscribing,

1 point for opens,

and 3 points for click-throughs.

So in other words, once you start receiving HTML mail, you will receive 1 point for an open of each opt-in e-mail, 3 points for a click-through (HTML mail that tracks both with invisible pixels and tracking URL’s, and that applies to everyone in your down-line you pass the e-mail onto).

If you want to offer me as a referrer, use credit@PandaBusters.com when you sign-up as a subscriber. Mention the percentage of total revenue that goes to the subscribers total pool amount, here I offer 35%, and pay your subscribers with PayPal’s mass spreadsheet payment system for the month on the 15th of the following month. Make sure you ask for testimonials in exchange for bonus points. Here I offer 80 points for a written testimonial with facial avatar, 40 points for Youtube/Vimeo video testimonial. I will also offer, and you should do the same, screenshots verifying pay-out, points (e-mail addresses blurred out for privacy) in too short a period of time to be doctored). You can make your compensation system one-tier based on total sign-up points, or a multi-tier pyramid with more incentives to rank high, by getting a programmer (there is pre-programmed MLM software on the Internet) to study lineages and award based on an accumulation of points for more than one tier. So if you were referred by one person, you refer 3, and between them they referred 9, you get 57 points (1 point for subscribing, 8 points for being referred, and [3 x 4] + [9 x 4] = 1 + 8 + 12 + 36 = 57). Some software might deprecate the value of the lower tiers with with a “natural log” correction (the sum of one to n-tiers of 1/n!, or ∑1/n!) for less pyramidal “Darwinism” when my pyramid or your’s starts to lose money like Amway did in the early 90’s, to give newcomers a reason and a chance to enter and do well. To keep it simple, you might want to reward the referrees with 10 points, 16 points, etc., over time, and/or increase subscriber points from 1 to 4, if you start to lose customers/money. Be honest and publish your scoring criteria, as MLM pyramids are often accused of being schemes or scams, but if ethical, free, you spend no money on software like me, unless money comes in, these pyramids will be self-sustaining and irresistible.  People, from a pro-individual point of view, want to start their own pyramid, but you cannot sell everything, so there is the mutual understanding that you must buy from the community of other pyramid builders. Does the customer know you, and do they trust you, is how you get “branded”. High volume dynamic advertising gets you known, and you are trusted with free subscriptions with testimonials and verification of customers being paid (how about that, paying customers are far more likely to retain you when you pay them! Integration is the one word for guaranteed success!) and you are guaranteed to be the elite of 21-st century entrepreneurs, all other concepts are left behind!

So for now, my e-mail pyramid is linear (the above example with 57 points), but can change, to the benefit of all, including the people at the top, with a deprecation of the referrers’ scores who cannot continue to earn money if we fail to bring in new subscribers and total revenue for any fiscal quarter falls, to maintain equilibrium or balance.

So as with PandaBusters.com SEO MLM, we are ethical, non-controversial, and highly necessary with our e-mail pyramid as:

  1. Robot “randomizer” or “spinner” with mail-merge private database information about potential customers is not spam, but dynamic and produces advertising in much higher volume, with better targeting, making micromanagement and traditional spam obsolete
  2. Everything is free, everyone one is paid CPA commission only, no risk, high profit – you blow the myth of the risk-for-profit modelity
  3. An indefinite variety of products and services, not just limited to the narrow spectra of Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, etc.
  4. Self-sustaining as supply/demand curves help out-new-comers when pyramid may implode as others have, to prevent hierarchy Darwinism, but that is necessary for the people at the top of the pyramid as well
  5. Again, mutual-symbiosis, “You win, I win” philosophy with no sacrifices. Energy is conserved, but high energy, integrated, happy, productive people cannot be disappointed, and the parasitism of an un/under-employed unhappy work force must convert

Bonus: For any of my websites that raise over $20,000/month total revenue for the first time, where all opt-in e-mail subscribers are paid for promoting them, you will receive a fresh list of over 200,000 extracted non-bounce-back e-mail addresses, with the secrets for how to extract more! You will receive tutorials on how to install your own free user-friendly WAMP Web server, don’t get blocked, pay only, in some cases, for private proxy servers. With the following URL’s rewarding opt-in recipients with the following percentages of gross, or total revenue:

  1. https://www.PandaBusters.com – 35%
  2. https://www.InvestorCommune.com – 35%
  3. https://www.MyRatingSearch.com – 35%
  4. https://www.SaveOurRaiders.com – 35%
  5. https://www.SpaceHose.com – 25%
  6. https://www.AnarchyForever.com  – 10% (profit margin only 20% on lotteries/insurance, but will include store commissions and CPM podcast advertising). When you join as an insurance premium payer, your are also welcome to be claims adjusters for tax audits insurance settlements, proof of victim-less crime convictions, join the Anarchist Party, etc., 50% goes to pay-outs, 30% to claims adjusters, with a labor budget for IT/payment allotment people of about 1-5%

Knowing that opt-out will for obvious reasons become opt-in more often, there will be more publications of these addresses on many Web pages, less munging (disguising the “@” symbol in an address, with something like “[at]”, “(at)”, “at”, ” at “, “att”, etc., even graphic symbols for “@” that will be overcome with OCR “get” and “post” robots, some automated, some part of a human input library. I’ll show you how to find these addresses, extract them, and convert them into useful addresses, FREE, just for opting in and making my websites successful)! So please patronize these websites with membership fees before the prices go up, and before others rank higher on the pyramids – I will publish the number of subscribers for each of six websites, the number of insured/claims adjusters for AnarchyForever.com, here so you can justify the great benefit of joining early!