How do I get paid?

How do I get paid? I sell affiliate tracking software when you sign-up, free for up to 14-days with no credit card obligation, and when you can make me your first tier affiliate and I show you how to easily do this, populate my “Advertise for Free” forum at Forums – Advertise for Free and other websites worldwide, and you pay me monthly (By the 15th of the following month for current month’s earnings). Sellers pay as little as $9.99/month, giving them access to affiliates/resellers who give you permission to advertise on their offered URL’s, and PayPal e-mail addresses otherwise not available anywhere else, keyword black-list/white-list criteria, zipcode radius search information, much more, and the reseller doesn’t want to sign-up manually for each of what may be hundreds of sellers or more each day and login and check frequently – they want automatic sign-ups and payment confirmations, with automatic opt-outs when necessary. I am a seller to affiliates at Affiliate where you are paid 21% for the first tier, down to 8% for lower tiers with 33-tiers. This is for all ongoing subscriptions as well, with a potential 424% pay-out when the 33-rd tier sends me a buyer, for the new sellers you attract, and attracting resellers with additional sales/buy pitches also helps you and the pool, with variable profit sharing or “bonus commission” for all affiliates based on percentage of affiliate commissions I earn as high-tier-ranking reseller, the real potential for high income, no-to-low risk advertising. There will be many other free services for sellers including instant trends analysis with a Fourier calculator for predicting the future, predicted changes in the margins of error, the “degree of trendiness” or slope of a line using instant linear regression for any specified time interval, with automatic scraping of trending keywords, their related top queries and topics, and thousands of synonyms/seed-keyword-fluctuations with high Keyword Efficiency Indices (monthly number of searches squared divided by competition, often loss- leaders, but good for bringing customers to your website or “store” so you can promote related high-profit products/services). There will be automatic article spinning of words with thesaurus checkers for synonyms, pages optimized by best size/keyword distribution based on new Web position/Pagerank-interpolation analysis, data merging or template spinning, preferably with multiple new scrape tables for new non-Googlebot-indexed databases or indexed documents in “prose” format, with pattern-matched word associations of a smaller percentage of content (see the trees in the greater forest). New lists of connecting words (articles, pronouns, linking verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, etc., possibly nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on, with pre-programmed best insertions and sequencing based on proper grammar rules, parse, reverse-engineer, and so on) can be spun from columns of data with “degree of relevancy scores” for these word associations that best behoove the inherit meaning of new articles. So over time, there will be less elusiveness and more original content for true independently-written artificial intelligence. The predictions for changing margins of error, at first a function of standard deviation or average absolute value of the difference between real data points and the best-fitting sine wave curve data points, using Fourier calculations for past data, is expected to go up over time. The anticipated increasing margin of error should rise-fast, then rise at a slower-rate, producing a “best-fitting saddle-curve”, which we will do with automatic regression analysis. Predictability of demand for keyword searches in the future will eventually mean smaller margins of errors, as more participation from the world community means we effect the trends for the best and ensure our own good luck. Seed keywords will require brain-storming for sub-factors, and related queries/topics and high KEI related words are not always enough. “Fish diagrams”, where one idea produces others like a fish-skeleton, and then prioritized, are still good old-school techniques employed as itemized documents . Sellers and resellers will be drawn here and some resellers will proactively have their domains available to seller robots for 100% invitation-based seller-reseller engagements, with information how to enforce payment and ethical keyword usage and content quality scoring or the filtering thereof. Sell what you want to sell, and I get paid first-tier affiliate commissions, and when your robots go elsewhere for what are solicited requests to buy and sell, while using an additional ad posted on pages and posted to other possibly unsolicited form mail domains/URL’s, with a sale’s pitch such as “100% free invitation-based robot advertising, get paid and verify with little-to-no work or investment, buy and sell with no obligation”. Use icons of your choice or we can provide here, hyperlinked and pointing to your affiliate URL for The reseller/recipient will be reminded here that my first-tier affiliate URL pointing to you is the same for them and everyone on a 99-tier pyramid, and can come here for verification of payment and other credibility factors, or use Easy Plugin Integration to verify on their end. 100% no-dependencies. Competition is a good thing, you may lose market share at first, but you expand and in many cases save your industries, become motivated to innovate and create more legacies, most importantly, you don’t look greedy. Retain old customers, and attract new ones.