Building Pyramids

Totem poleBeing my affiliate to guarantee permission-based 99-tiers-below-you-affiliates for SEO pyramid building is essential, and making sure your pyramid is secure and tight, with no missing/broken/retroactively-removed backlinks, starting with something simple, a totem pole. Start with a good cable modem connection, about 100 MPS for about $40/month, with backup by seeking  voluntary or unsecured second Wi-Fi/Blue-tooth router service, etc. The average $200 laptop computer (2.8-3.2 GHz, 7th Generation Intel i3 processor, 64-bit, Windows 10, 4 GB memory, about 1 TB HDD storage, backup hard drives/ups backup critical) will post a backlink on the average Web page, after sign-up, logging in (maybe confirming e-mail address), and posting ad/HTML/backlink on site, with about a 50% success rate in breaking the reCaptcha filters, in about 10 seconds whether successful or not, for an average of 4300 backlinks a day. A  higher success rate occurs when repeat attempts with OCR (optical character recognition) breaking occurs, combined with checking a library of human input values (captcha service) and even textual answer breaking services (Google has their own service which is up to 96% successful), with automatic move-cursor-to-checkbox-and-click service on the way. Combine this with proxy scrapers and paid proxy servers, for being anonymous, unblocking Web connections, and caching for an increase in posting to old stored pages, even speeding up new sign-up/login/posts with large proxy servers, you can post at a much higher and increasing rate, so in the short term, say one month, 10,000 backlinks a day per $200 and $50-100/month in services. I have four computers, and I think you should have at least that. is free for 5-days, less than $375 for SER, reCaptcha Breaker, Proxy Scraper, along with automatic Googlebot indexing, about 115 MB download-size total. One license each to install on multiple computers with no additional charge, then a little more with other one-time software packages and monthly services we assist you with when you sign-up as a seller – article spinning/creating, scraping of unique content for template spin/data merge (like one template for each of three paragraphs in between introduction and conclusion of five paragraphs/500 words, recommended with optimized keywords repeated every 150 words, in two large font headlines at the top), automatic synonym-from-thesaurus-grabber with 1-to-any-of-999-other-article overlap scores and plagiarism elimination process, with guaranteed high demand, low competition uptrending keywords with free predictions and error calculation services.

I recommend a totem pole for the 99-tiers below you for a total of 99 backlinks at first. GSA-online and Scrapebox will show you how to store URL/domain/sub-domain where your successful backlink was placed, feed it to the next target URL for being backlinked by the next highest Pagerank page targeted by keyword in stack sought in Google/Bing search, and so on. Then the 101st page will backlink to you, the next one will backlink to the tier below you, and so on. This means at least 4300/100 = 43 as an average number of pages in each tier, very secure and tight with affiliate payment/higher affiliate ranking/bonus-commission support. If one link breaks, is removed, etc, those above lose credit for that page and all backlinks below it, but over time you are unlikely to lose more than a small percentage of the 43 links/tier, so pre-solicitation with separate bulk-form-mail blast is critical. The lower the affiliates are on the pyramid, the more likely they will become sellers, and backlink to them and therefore to everybody above them, including to you as #1 under high demand, low competition, trending upward keywords (HDLCTUK) THAT GIVE WAY AUTOMATICALLY WITH NEW HDLCTUK WHEN YOU AUTOMATE BUILDING 500-PER-DAY LANDING PAGES ON YOUR SITE, WITH BEST CORRESPONDING PRESS RELEASES YOUR ROBOTS POST 24/7, SO DON’T BE LEFT OUT AS SUPER SELLERS! The “meaning of life” formula, changing things-to-do priority list, eclectic, learn-live-learn autonomous robots that even change in redefining integrated plugin customized features for high-rate software-to-hardware evolution cannot be ignored and cannot be under-employed without serious eternal loss to initial competitors!

Same perimeter, maximum area trianglesIf you are an artist and you want to spend the same amount of time/expend the same amount of energy drawing triangles, meaning the same perimeter, but maximize area, you know an equilateral triangle has maximum area, like a square is to other non-1:1 aspect ratio rectangles. For the Internet/information-super-highway, the triangle becomes a three-dimensional pyramid, like the Pyramids of Giza. The slaves that laid the bricks were ordered to do a minimum amount of work, so you can maximize the volume of pyramid space for entombing the most pharaohs, with a “fixed surface area”, or total number of bricks laid. A tall skinny pyramid with same surface area would have less volume and be unstable (as when the few in a tier below you might remove the backlinks, causing you to lose everything) and a short wide pyramid, though more stable, would also have a lower volume-to-surface-area ratio, which means more work for less traffic, and as with the tall skinny pyramid, a lower Pagerank, given the nature of how to use Eigen-vectors for the highest ranking score with less effort.

3 x 500 PyramidThe best equilateral pyramid I recommend calls for “the rule of 3 times 500”, where you backlink 500 URL’s to you in the first tier, then each set of three of 1,500 URL’s below that backlinking to each of the 500 URL’s, then each of set of three of 4,500 URL’s below that backlinking to each of the 1,500 URL’s, and so on. The pyramid will be strong with at least 500 unlikely-to-be-removed backlinks in the first tier, with the horizontal dimension with each new tier going up by multiples of three, to best emulate an equilateral (3-equal sides) triangle or pyramid. You will not have to wait the several day period it takes to extract URL’s here, as they will be available to quickly extract from our database when you join as a member, and you will not need privacy protection with private proxy servers (IP addresses) for unblocking connections, with an average 6-week (time before your links are organically-indexed, or given credit for) mortality rate, averaging 50-95% when you do black hat spam.

Remember, randomization of your HDLCTUK products and services (look up related trending upward keywords at, such as anchor text in backlink keywords (and occasionally use URL as anchor text, as Google may suspect robot-only activity) is very important. Article spinning, with synonyms for spins on words, as well as sentence and paragraph spins, is very important. But also, here as a seller, you will get do-follow only, non-competitive, non-recaptcha filtered Web pages where the resellers are looking forward to you giving them affiliate commission and higher Googlebot rankings. Think of original, unique content, likely to have a low plagiarism penalty, while being keyword relevant by using Seller search engine to look up white listed keywords pertinent to what you want, or the scraper software we recommend can grab new relevant keywords from resellers, as new pages largely created by you on their sites can be keyword relevant, even if other pages on their website have little in common.

Click here for more examples of black hat and white hat totem pole/matrix/pyramid building techniques you will find very useful, including my instant 100 x 99 matrix building formula for super-high Pagerank.

With any horizontal displacement, the fastest rate of free-fall on a friction-less path is the Brachistochrone, so your electron-light-blasts, although traveling near or at the speed of light, must take advantage of the Eiffel Tower effect, like when Internet bottle-necks occur, or the many hardware robots that must minimize time in going up or down, like multiple elevators in a space elevator tower (90 miles high, maybe in Ecuador to capitalize on 1,000 mph equator tangential speed, cheaply built with elevator as robot with some human intervention building multi-elevator shafts, steel girders inserted many-miles into the ground, with some cables extending outward for stability. Don’t miss the tax audit lottery and Woodward space plane/craft and space elevator third-forth-fifth-(+) industrial revolutions!

Pyramids of GizaEiffel Tower

Space elevator using Panda Busters
Space elevator, with a centrifugal-force-outward-driven counter-weight, at least 60,000 miles away from equator with center of mass of system just beyond geostationary orbit altitude, equal and opposite gravity pulling cable inward

Dark AngelYour pyramid will more than likely look like an Eiffel Tower, with a wide aspect ratio at the lower base, but still a very high volume-to-perimeter ratio, strong and secure, and well cemented below the ground, both figuratively and literally, with those below the 99-tiers backlinking to you with your first of many pyramids.

Words/backlinks/software are just electrons and magnetized bit-areas, extremely cheap and backed-up/reinforced, with better, cheaper, high volume hardware/brick-and-mortar elements. The need to go underground literally, to avoid and/or backup what may be above-ground Internet catastrophes, whether it is war, natural disasters, the “Dark Angel” effect with E-M bombs and cyber-attacks effecting wireless and hardwired networks, must be taken seriously, and must also be complimented by a lot more satellites. Just Internet over-usage with the dozens-to-hundreds of “hops” and send-and-receive signals require can suffer from bottle-necks and outages. So many more repeaters/routers for higher, more reliable bandwidth (signal intensity drops off by the square of the distance) is not good enough, as we delegate all images/videos you insert here as avatars only, with your external links to images/video (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) necessary for speed, reliability, etc. We also use as much Javascript as possible instead of PHP to delegate programming resources to your client computers, to maximize speed, storage space, etc., and give you utilities with your permission on your computer, knowing you can work independently if Internet connections slow down or become interrupted.

Brachistochrone equation
Brachistochrone equations, inadvertently approximating the best and most efficient Eiffel Tower-pyramid shape simulations, and you don’t even know it, as your affiliates go to work for you!

Make sure you read my Best Commission Sequence page for understanding how to assign CPA commissions to your affiliates for the best reseller incentive.

Be the the first of the twenty-first century super-sellers, bulk-form-mail solicit and attract millions of eager non-paying affiliates/resellers, who can do little to no work and spend almost nothing, and do what you do when you are paid commission by us to make them sellers, for you, and with the many benefits of competition, for as little as $9.99/month!