Is Polly Klaas Alive?

The autopsy report of Polly Hannah Klaas was withheld, as the Sonoma County Sheriff said to my roommate, Samantha Spiegel, “We received your request, unfortunately, at this time, are unable to release anything related to this case”. We have a screen shot (see below) and are about to subpoena Gmail to verify this transmission and failure to cooperate with the 1949 Public Records Act, with potential to modify report.
Polly’s alleged remains were cremated and the land in Cloverdale, CA, where her remains were allegedly found on December 4, 1993, and the land was cleared for flowers in early 1994 after the autopsy. I am also going to secure death certificate, property records for Cloverdale property, Thomas Guide aerial topography views of Cloverdale and Oakmont from 1992-1997 (after 1996 conviction) to investigate alleged cover-ups. The Petaluma Police Department, for the first time in 25 years, tried to convince Polly’s convicted killer Richard Allen Davis to release his pink slip to his Ford Pinto, and this was after three e-mail exchanges with the public defender Barry Collins, advising him I want to subpoena the Pinto and what is now a blue van (not the SUV the FBI claimed he drove with a recent YouTube video) he was arrested in, that allegedly has no windows or blocked windows, typically used by sex slave and child prostitute traffickers.
Davis was seen by neighbors prior to kidnapping on Polly’s back porch with a tall, clean shaven man starring into her bedroom. When Davis entered the house, the two slumber party friends reported him saying, “You’re not supposed to be here, who lives here? According to people that knew the mother Eve Nichol, she was not supposed to be home until late that night after cancelling a meeting at her business. The slumber party was arranged at the last minute, and Polly even called her father, indicating she was very happy to finally have a slumber party with her friends. Petaluma is a common target for child traffickers according to the Polly Klaas Foundation, as 12-year-old girls from Mexico have testified there, and American girls taken elsewhere. At age 12, girls are no longer “latch key kids” and can legally be home alone, and sex slave/prostitute traffickers target the youngest victims more likely to be taken without witnesses. Petaluma Police Chief Dennis Dewitt and the Sonoma County Sheriff dispatcher refused to put out an all-points-bulletin after the immediate report by the mother of her daughter’s abduction.
Years after the conviction, Davis and his attorneys tried to overturn his death sentence, on the grounds he was beaten into a confession of kidnapping. The police authorities admitted to the beating, but said they did so because they thought Polly was still alive. After being detained on November 30, 1993, after his sister Darlene Schwarm turned him in for parole violations (and he was seen removing his own flyer reporting Polly’s disappearance near his sister’s home).
Davis was released from prison the previous June, lived in the Turning Point halfway house in San Mateo county, where his parole officers dictated he could not leave San Mateo County. According to the defunct Tri Valley Herald, he was checked on every week for two months, Davis then left the halfway house in early September, 1993, and the parole officers failed to check on him after that until his November 30 arrest. The San Mateo County parole board refused to release police logs from 1993, as did the Petaluma Police Department, where Davis was seen living in Walnut Park, across the street from Polly’s house during the first 3 week parole violation. The criteria for the death penalty was premeditation based on presumed stalking when living in the park. The Petaluma Police Department said they destroyed the records, in accordance with the Public Records Act of 1949. There are five exceptions that restrict destruction, including a two-year waiting period. When asked when the records were destroyed, Officer Litzy refused to reply.
Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas, is now being investigated by Federal Defenders as someone who was investigated by Federal Authorities for drug tracking and/or possession, where his campaign for the Crime Bill, disowning his own father for supporting Proposition 66 to soften 3-strikes-you’re-out, and push propositions that speed-up the death penalty. Marc Klaas has now been named by some as “Marc the Narc”, as law enforcement has a long track record of forcing drug users into dangerous drug cartel espionage, often getting tortured to death. Was Klaas forced into campaigning for legislation to help bolster law enforcement morale, salaries, and benefits, as the Crime Bill did not significantly increase the number of prisons and police officers, mostly payroll?
Richard Allen Davis had pretrial hearings that were closed to the public, after his first public defender said on national TV, “I will encourage him to plead guilty and take the death penalty”. And there are raising suspicions the Public Defender, Barry Collins, was not allowed to explain the absence of Polly’s DNA on the corpse found in Cloverdale. The remains had hair on the skull, mummified flesh, and two-month-old bone marrow.
Start your own whistle blower foundation by collecting donations at your Facebook page/free page/other website, and help find out what happened to Polly. Start a whistle blower foundation for any issue. We promote you, the voters decide on what percentage goes to you, and what percentage goes to Panda Busters. The higher the percentage that Panda Busters receives for your foundation, the more money we spend on your rotated Facebook ad. Verify how the money goes to the cause with immediate screen shots with time stamps and contact information for person who sold subpoenas/court records. Use the money that goes to the cause to pay for subpoenas and other court records. Sue public officials in court for evidence tampering, violations of the Public Records Act, and other damages we can investigate. Represent yourself, with my help, in court. Legally record phone conversations when interviewing public officials with overseas phone recorders. Don’t fear retaliation from public officials with identity masking and advocating tax audit insurance, overseas trust funds, and foreign payment processors where legally no one has to or should pay taxes, as leverage against government corruption. There are many brilliant ideas on how to privatize, create more honest competition, and use enforcement through encryption, not trust.

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