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Always 100% free, no obligation instant affiliate/reseller approval application/edit form with instructions for easy-to-use plugin integration for filtering, keep that which you want, block that which you don’t want, proactively, retroactively remove that which you don’t want. Confirm payments automatically, retain good static content, and anything that meets your criteria, for guaranteed cash flow as an affiliate, more search engine traffic, force in many cases your seller to pay bonus commission with their top-rated high-ranking page, they create many backlinks to you quickly, and with many tiers in the pyramid, with you as a highly-ranked, highly-keyword-relevant/low-plagiarism-score-penalty affiliate-tier pointing to original content, with a high number of “If you build it (or they), they will come” pages. High demand, low-competition, trending upward content that attracts more backlinks to you, pre-calculated high Woodrank/Pagerank, and fresh content when you remove useless content for even higher Pagerank.

Make only what information you want public. PayPal e-mail addresses, when known, that could be spammed for more unsolicited sale’s pitches, can be filtered with personally hosted spam blockers, where you have control unlike the double-standards of Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, etc. (although they do have black-listed/white-listed words list you enter with separate “bypass” filter), where spam still enters your legitimate folder, and a lot of legitimate e-mail always winds up in the spam folder. But scammy-spam will likely go away unless permission-based with PandaBusters as sale’s resistance to unscrupulous spammers increases and they go out of business unless they adopt our format. As a reseller, you will have instant access to all seller information, you will be able to confirm payments from your seller as their affiliate, backlinks to you from your seller (we show you how to scrape or grab all backlinks from your blog and verify they are the same sellers backlinking to you in a multi-tier pyramid), and how to clean your blog of nefarious and/or non-supportive ads/URL’s at Easy Plugin Integration.

Be a seller for up to 99-tiers of affiliates, free for up to 14 days with no credit card obligation, and sign-up here as a seller and prosper from all the benefits of being a seller and a reseller here and there as well. Click here for the most advanced, user-friendly affiliate tracking system, rated #1 by many sellers.

Become an affiliate for Panda Busters and get 21% commissions as the first tier affiliate, with bonus commission, when you attract sellers and resellers, earning a continuous revenue stream from seller membership subscriptions as long as they are subscribed. Up to a 424% pay-out for a 33-tier affiliate purchases. Get bonus commissions from revenue Panda Busters earns as your affiliate, promote us on our “Free Advertising” forum. Panda Busters Affiliate Program.

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  • (Eg. - If your website is "", and you want seller robot to sign-up and login to your forum page with the "forum" URL extension, then add ""). This is necessary for sellers to place ads at the exact page where username, password, etc. is created, for you to get affiliate commissions and be backlinked-to high up a pyramid. Recaptcha filters and "rel=nofollow" tag after "a" or automatic hyperlink modifier must be removed. Other examples include private blog networks, PHPBB discussion boards, blogs, blog comments, booklists, track backs, image/video libraries, etc. Blogs and blog comments, which can be any visitor modify-able post or page with comments (settings -> discussion tab -> automatically closing comments), with information that can be looked up in your Wordpress search engine, are most recommended, with proper filtration of nefarious URL's that don't use you here as a seller (see "Easy Plugin Integration") for any visitor-modified plugin content. BB/Buddy Press forums, examples of XML/CSS robot-resistant software, can have scraping software "trained" to pattern-match and overcome, with scraper software like Add only one URL at a time, you must create additional reseller accounts for more URL's.
  • Enter up to 10 rows of keyword-combinations you want the seller to avoid using in their HTML for the ad they post on your website.
  • Enter up to 10 rows of keyword-combinations you want the seller to use in their HTML for the ad they post on your website, where other words in the ad, of course, are allowed, if not black-listed. They will use seller search engine, in many cases, to seek you out through related keywords. This is essential for keyword-relevance between sellers and reseller pages, even if "main jest" of overall domain is diverse or represents mostly different topics.
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