Robot Invasion Now! Trending Upward, High Demand, Low Competition, AI Explosion NOW! Don’t Miss Out!

Field of DreamsGoogle does not index their own Trends site, so you can legally grab and reproduce your own landing pages and send press releases to 100%-permission-based hungry affiliates, millions per day, the most keyword-relevant infinite-ROI-niche article combinations. Do the trending stories of your choosing, 100% unique, NO plagiarism penalties unlike anything known to exist, 100% original content as robots not only read and analyze better, but write better prose content, and even dynamic, eclectic software changes that improvises,  adapts, and overcomes, and it’s all electrons and magnetized bit-areas that cost almost nothing, and you can “legally hijack” assembly lines where brick-and-mortar robots will do everything as well! A MUST HAVE or those left out will never be able to compete again, and human slave-drivers don’t want competition, so they out-themselves even faster!

Are you interested in keeping up with {same spun 1-to-500 seed keywords}, and our before and after 11 August of 2017, ranked #{what the rank is that day, between 1 to about 500} that day? Research, analysis, and reports of these most critical keyword-and-categorical-related issues that effect you, and potentially everybody, and how to capitalize with your own social media page or website to be on top of the world with the FREE advertising of those words/topics in massive volume. Your pages, and the pages you reach out to, all permission-based! Sell what you want to sell, possibly other products/services related to these top trending keywords that embody your interests, or just be the blogger/podcaster you always wanted to be and dreamed of, firing your unappreciative boss and leaving a job you hate where you can never get wealthy… Giving out this information you fascinate over, as others NEED your breaking news reports and analysis, and sell advertising, the #1 industry in the world BY FAR! Astronomic profit, guaranteed positive return-on-investment (ROI)?

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