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Instant access to a number of resellers/affiliates who will always give you permission, 100% of the time, to place ads on their websites, lest they opt-out for non-payment by you as seller when their surfers sent to you buy something, but that will be rare, automatic resell confirmation and payment to them on your part is easy. The reseller subscriptions will always be free to them. One typical lap computer can place tens of thousands of ads on the same number of Web pages per day, with the seller’s understanding you won’t incur the average of 90% for a rejection/removal-rate of the ad/backlink before the 6-week organic indexing deadline, with resellers who gladly cooperate, knowing you can easily program your robot software to backlink to them with many tiers below them with cooperation from those below them as well. They are high up a pyramid after you robot-scrape their information here with your seller account. Use that information after scraping and post to our account, after you sign-up for a seller affiliate-tracking account, add the actual PayPal e-mail addresses of your affiliates as usernames, Web URL’s, first names, last names (referrer ID, other info, are optional, I recommend Website Submitter, for form submissions, at to the affiliate application process as the first-tier affiliate, all second-to-99-level affiliates will have the same backlink/affiliate URL you can easily employ. Advertise on our forums here to be #1 under keywords like “free advertising, marketing, press releases, sales, high ROI, profit, SEO”, etc. You can mass-e-mail affiliates their affiliate login information, knowing the associated form mail URL’s or PayPal e-mail addresses, it is more professional, but it is up to you, as they will use easy plugin-integration to accept/reject and/or retroactively remove ads/backlinks that don’t pay enough and/or meet other criteria.

Use word merging and spin with grabbing and posting techniques, grabbing a library of synonyms from a thesaurus, and evaluating “degree of overlap” to reject all documents too close to one another. Create more original, high demand, low competition, trending “keywords-in-backlink-anchor-text” documents, and supporting seed keyword synonyms/fluctuations with the highest pre-calculated Woodrank/Pagerank scores generated here for articles created with little human input but increasingly automated over time. Software/robots have read and analysed better than humans for decades, but with your participation here your robots will write better and create a bonanza of human customer/seller interactions for a way-ahead-of-our-time advertising extravaganza, little-to-no-risk of capital for software services running 24/7, while you spend your time enjoying other pleasures. Create a much bigger “If you build it, they will come” website with as many pages as possible, attracting many visitors even with no backlinks/no Pagerank at first, but higher Pagerank, even with no backlinks. And potentially much higher Pagerank with your new backlinkers after the 6-week-organic-indexing-deadline means Googlebot, when your Pagerank is 1 or higher, will index 500 pages a day, and maybe more when Google is forced to add horsepower in the future. The same original content scrape, merge, spin, and ad-placement-here-and-elsewhere technique applies to articles keyword-relevant to any of your pages, including to each of your 500-per-day landing pages, but best overlap for high keyword relevance scores and low plagiarism penalties, with Web position/Pagerank-interpolation-and-deformulation analysis software analysis provided here with “trends analysis to predict new Pagerank formula changes”, making Woodrank the inevitable standard of excellence for SEO metrics.

We will offer a free Fourier calculator add-on with future trends’ calculations (number of seed keyword searches, margin of error, degree of “trendiness” for overall long-term predictions and different time intervals, and suggestions how to reduce normally increasing margin of error over time). There will be modifications to current robot software to better automate, with typing speeds done with time-delayed character-dumps, not with form-dumps, to better emulate human typing speeds/activity, grabbing sufficient information then timing-out when pages load too slowly or the page scrolls down indefinitely because of data overload, and anonymous searching with no IP address blocking.

Search engine scrapers/ad-backlink-adders, with text/image/video blasts, now require good software like GSA SER, Scrapebox, but also reCaptcha breakers (AI optical character recognition, and/or libraries of human input values for “answers”) for what is now determined to be a 48-96% break-conversion rate, averaging 11 seconds, or about 8,400 ad-backlink-placements per day per computer. Proxy servers/IP addresses/scrapers are also good, to remain more anonymous, unblock website connections, and cache ad-blasting process for repeat-visited websites with much higher delivery rates, and speed up new connections because of larger high-microprocessor-speed relays alleviating bottle-necks. Indexing services are good, to rank current and would-be affiliates likely of cooperating and not removing your backlink before the 6-week organic indexing deadline, while participating in link farms/customized websites with higher levels of cooperation. However, these services will become less necessary over-time as the Internet community discovers Super Reseller Automatic Bot Gate/blocker/deporter technology here, with the need to remove reCaptcha filters and nofollows, else traditional white-hate-SEO and other website services and the micro-management it entails will not be able to compete with Panda Busters people and the resellers/sellers we embrace here.

For advice on necessary black-hat-turned-white software and critical strategies, see:

Trial versions of software are all free for 5-days (Search Engine Ranker, ReCaptcha Breaker, Proxy Scraper, SEO Indexer, Content Generator are what I recommend, 115 MB). I otherwise highly recommend a $97 investment for, the standard of excellence for advanced scraping/footprint education software on the market, with all other backlinking capabilities. Get instant non-paying, no-risk resellers, and new sellers for instant affiliate commission, offer, as many of you do, your advertising services with an honest “buy and sell pitch” with a short-and-sweet “must-have-service” proposition, high visibility to a small audience at first, and then attracting thousands or more customers a day! FREE live tutorials!

Sign-in after payment without restricted access, and get instant access to your 100-tier pyramid affiliate tracking software, a $400/month value. If there are insufficient resellers in the beginning, join the affiliate program and use Scrapebox to post form mail to as many website owners as possible, non-competitive, attracting resellers and sellers for must-have technology. has a more user-friendly form mail poster.

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