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Independent blogger and whistle blower using “The Integrator”, a methodology that takes information from the past, with a timeline that challenges the inconsistencies in the statements of public officials, and looks at changing language on the Internet with a query of seed keywords (eg. missing child) and only related queries or sub-keywords, to predict with smallest margin of error tragic events. Many keywords, not just using Google Trends but Facebook scraping software, is designed to seek all data, such as names, geography, etc., of people that make threats about kidnappings, and especially mass shootings, very common verbally throughout history and now. Integration with Fourier predictions can be used to reinvent all known inventions, help discover, with the accidents they create, learning benefits, rewarded with recursive trial-and-then-reduce-errors rewards, such as merging words for truly original content independent of human content, designing remote control helicopters with better low elevation aerodynamics and bigger tires when bad weather requires terrestrial road travel. Not only are Google votes used to verify claims, but human and optical character recognition of ratings, comments on ratings and their ratings, 4-hour organic indexing to validate all stories much faster and better than “hear and confirm with second source” traditional journalism, but most importantly, the challenging of public officials, recursive and iterative man-machine indexing of claims, denials, and preponderance-of-the-evidence verdicts, for civil court, and “court of world opinions”.



  1. This writer will make challenges against the Polly Klaas Foundation (PKF), which since 1993, formed 17 days after her disappearance, and averages about $0.5-1 million per year in donations, because of a strict policy to only endorse legislation and pursue few other services for missing and exploited children, typically done far more effectively with radio stations that rally callers, people who fax, mail, and e-mail to do so for free and with higher conversion rate. On average, missing children foundations only can prove 5-10% of revenue go to the cause according a year 2000 study. Marc Klaas, the father, was fired from PKF in 1995 for conflict of interest, who started in 1994 after being told he was not allowed to work with Palm Springs civilian police technology think tank that challenged the PKF with a lawsuit in May, 1994. Gary Kinley, the founder of the PKF, responsible for the termination and the proposed suit, quit soon after Klaas was fired in 1995 without giving a reason.

  2. Donations and membership fees using escrow and third-party reputable, voted on source are being used to pay FBI $3,500 for database search, and what will be required for processing subpoenas and local private investigation work to seek arrests, indictments. and/or civil actions at alleged conspirators and co-conspirators. The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies now increasingly work for competitive private sector revenue to combat declining tax revenues and can be the most formidable peace keeping force against public sector corruption, and more anticipated neglect, and a massive increase in the crime rate.

  3. This is the article rejected by with no explanation but a refund on Monday, 2/26/2018, when it is presumed lead managers returned to offices, first two rejections on Saturday, 2/24/2018, then modified to be 100% compliant with their terms of services, verified with non-anti-aliased screen shots:

    Investigations Against Police for Aiding and Abetting of Kidnapper-Murderer

    24-½-Year-Old Case Now Re-opened by Whistle-blowers, Private Deputized Investigators, and Involvement of FBI Sought
    An investigation by civilian specializing in police tech industry beginning in 1993 reopened investigation and case in 2017 to seek more information with help of concerned citizens about inconsistencies in public officials’ accounts of kidnap-murder of Polly Klaas, which lead to the biggest manhunt in world history, and the biggest reaction to a crime with many new laws passed, and many new jails and prisons built, with uncanny timing of alleged mis-enforcements, apparent cover-ups, and perceived benefits to criminal justice system, campaign contributors, foundations, and others for more abuse of power.

    See for private FBI funded investigation for conspiracy allegations.
    Polly Klaas (pronounced “class”) was kidnapped from her home in Petaluma, CA, and murdered in the Fall of 1993, leading to the largest manhunt in world history, right after many pleas to build more prisons and pass 3-strikes-you’re-out, a proposal from 1988. Petaluma was riddled with crime before she was abducted, with a park across the street from her house with a litany of drug and violent crimes that the Petaluma police department and Sonoma County DA did not intervene upon after numerous complaints, and is still the hot bed of a lot of crime many years later. When Polly was abducted (8 PM, October 1, 1993), the investigating detective with the Petaluma police department told TV reporters “We thought it was a child custody dispute, and it would clear up the next day”, even though it was clearly a stranger abduction with a break-in and two girls tied up at knife point, pillow cases placed over their heads, both parents accounted for within two hours, a description of Richard Allen Davis and his car, the abductor/murderer, but no attempt by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department to put out an APB, the unnamed and potentially over-protected dispatcher saying “we did not want civilians and the media with scanners to hear the APB”, and the chief of the Petaluma Police Department made a similar comment for failure to put out a city-wide APB (see But the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, like the Orange County Sheriff’s Department this writer was working with at the time, and most California police agencies had cell phones to potentially target all deputies with a single phone blast, or the ability to contact the two sheriff deputies who intercepted Davis at 10 PM, the same time both parents were accounted for when father Marc Klaas dispersed from ex-wife’s house, causing suspicions of a conspiracy, in the Kenwood area 25 miles to the north. Davis was drinking alcohol, and by his own admission later was heavily inebriated, with no attempts to check for a 502 violation, and his car was in a ravine after neighbor complained of seeing a “wild man” in her backyard. There were conflicting accounts of no attempt to do a warrant check, according to the Tri Valley Herald, and a second account about a suspension after a half-hour delay with slow computer to check for warrants according to the New York Times.The two deputies helped Davis get his car out of the ravine and released him to the road, where he drove further to the north, but may have returned to retrieve Polly where by his claim she was near the location but silent.
    Polly’s badly decomposed body, revealed with photos in 1995 trial, is this writer’s contention that misleading reports from Sheriff and DA that body was reported only partly decomposed when first discovered in December of 1993, causes grave concern as the same field officers tried to claim the $200,000 reward money from the actress Winona Ryder, when she made it clear that it would only go those who could be responsible for finding Polly alive, and therefore she rejected their solicitation. Polly was found under plywood on a trash heap on December 8, 1993 near Cloverdale, north of Kenwood. There were 54 million flyers of Polly and Davis’s composite sketch nationwide. A copy was removed by Davis in Ukiah, north of Cloverdale, causing a citizen to call police, which lead to an arrest, and an aggressive forced-confession that caused the deputies to find Polly’s body. She had been strangled with a rope around her neck and probably sexually violated as her legs were found spread far apart. Kidnappers usually kill their victims where they find the body, so she was in all likelihood alive in Kenwood. The parole officer for Richard Allen Davis was supposed to check on him every week, and he was not to leave San Mateo County, but he failed to do so for three weeks, and Davis was in violation of parole by being out of the county in Petaluma the whole time. When Davis was caught, the Sonoma County Sheriff, FBI, and other authorities, in at least two attempts tried to keep his name a secret, something highly unusual, especially for high profile cases. Shortly after Polly was found, a reporter asked a Sheriff spokesman who refused to release Davis’s name after many challenges, “Who is Richard Allen Davis?”, he replied, after surprise and looking to his superiors for approval, “That is the man we have in custody”.

    The case was remanded to Santa Clara County for a less prejudice jury with a conviction of first-degree murder with the sentence of death. The reaction lead to a crime bill that spent a massive amount of money on prisons nationwide, more police, correctional and parole officers, three-strikes-your-out in almost every state, and government report in 2011 about a 60-year low in the crime rate, whereas watchdog statistics at the time showed a higher crime rate than ever before, and more massive incompetence than ever before with missing children, especially parole officers. Stranger abductions are extremely common with a death rate and permanent disappearance rate, but impossible for media to account for. Only a small percentage can be reported with massive story competition.

    See for new proposal for near-instant news source reporting and confirmation with potentially billions of votes and ratings, ending allegation and single second source confirmation conundrum. Law suits involving Polly Klaas Foundation pending and expected for libel and fraud.

  4. In a bad economy with high taxes, high misery index, high crime rate and insane homelessness, with theft out of control, there are people who take desperate measures for work. Take for example Uber and Lyft, with a very high attrition rate, and not only do riders attack drivers, but for the first time drivers attack riders.

    They say porn is the only thing that makes money on the Internet, and this applies to dating websites, where people have little chance of meeting – it’s all about theft of one customer from another, and theft from the too-may counter-productive industries. There are many attractive women who cannot find jobs, and will participate in porn that may appear in for possible, but rare, compensation. Many of these women fear being raped by alleged porn employers, it happens all the time, but most are afraid or ashamed to report it. Many get killed. Most don’t get paid but suffer the embarrassment of being shown facially and nude without consent. The law blows in the wind, privacy ended decades ago as the government sells all your information to get you bankrupted or killed, and the powerful benefit from the dependencies.

    The solution here, for any actor, artist, musician, and that which uses film and music, is to compete with Hollywood special effects (graphic design, like Adobe/Autodesk [eg. Photoshop, Maya] software to inexpensively super-impose stereo views, or two rotated head/body shots for 3D effect, of real people or objects, animate them, virtual objects or avatars that can be purchased inexpensively, and animated inexpensively) into scenes that become a full production, better yet a medley. I recommend The solution that makes the world perfect is always integration. And use this site plus to capitalize on the only advertising of your products and services that works, and go legally tax-less to survive against those who foolishly pay taxes when you don’t have to by International law, and domestic law with insurance at

    Many actresses come to me from who don’t have other actresses/actors to perform with. Some are in isolated rural areas, some have only their husbands, and some insist they don’t want their faces shown. So start sub-blogs here where you are employers to each other (the actors/photographers/graphic designers/makeup/writers decide on everything by votes, no management, no management or record labels that rape you or hustle you, no expensive traveling, you will always lose when you use these people) and you can use something like Adobe Premier to combine scenes with different actresses/actors from around the world into what appears to be the same place. A recommend a comedic and/or suspenseful plot (I find most all porn to be boring, I can be a much better writer here, with Panda Busters, the robots will write better stories with little human intervention), where you have commercial interruptions right before a suspenseful scene ends, promoting what you want with a URL from your free or inexpensive website, as well as credits at the beginning or end of movie. If rejects your video because of your advertising, you don’t need them, only your own network of websites and advertising here, and other cheap advertising when the tax revolt is compete and a much better economy behooves the little guy and gal. The wealthy create victims with government because they hate competition, for obvious reasons.

    Let’s say, for example, an actress is interacting with an actor in Plains, Georgia, they don’t want their faces shown, but the actress/actor can interact with several actress Hollywood, CA, where it’s easy to find more than one non-shy women acting out, and the woman from Plains enters a different room to interact with the Hollywood women, her face still unseen, but a woman with the same clothes, the voice from the woman from Plains. The audience has no idea the rooms are not in the same house, you might even add a “walking down the hallway” scene in between. Or, say, someone going from pasture to desert, with a purchased or free-filmed clip of the unseen actors driving on the freeway for ten seconds.

    So please start your replies, post comments, and find a team of indie people you have a common interest with to start films (or music, video music) for an intersection of multiple production companies, and peace and prosperity in a leaderless, free, and free from exploitation. Study trends analysis here as a member to predict where the market trends up for what the viewers/listeners want to see or listen to.

    Sincerely with verification,
    James Dante Wood

  5. Most tax collectors are accountants and CPA’s who have the lowest unemployment rate of any profession. Whereas a tax collector may feel internal revenue is a noble service, most, especially if reporting to the Trump administration, understand and appreciate supply-side economics as fiscal conservatives. President Reagan undersold supply-side economics from tax cuts or declining tax revenue, which not only means a three-faceted drop in the misery index (lower unemployment, lower inflation, and lower interest rates), but higher income for workers, better working conditions and more benefits, and more loans for people with bad credit. Higher energy levels, where people are happy and productive, rather than unemployed and miserable, with more tedious labor assigned to machines and automation, means long term peace and prosperity.

    Declining tax revenue because of record tax bankruptcies, more awareness of overseas trust funds, foreign tax ID’s, and something that didn’t exist until a few years ago, overseas payment processors, plus the increasing awareness of less enforceability of tax laws if legal International tax shelters means more tax debt, even more tax fraud and tax evasion with less fear of retaliation, the tax collectors must prepare for a tax revolt that will behoove them in the short and long run as it increases their chances of finding work in the private sector. Failure to act now and spread the word, as I am doing to millions of recipients through means no privatization of EDD, which could make it difficult to find work quickly enough after massive tax collector lay-offs.

    I am the inventor of tax audit insurance at and, which collects money from those who know, with legal tax delinquency inspired by a massive tax revolt with little hope of an audit for that reason, but a tax audit insurance settlement or “lottery winning” if they can verify a loss with penalties and/or interest from a tax audit. This insurance can never be made illegal as they are “anti-charities” and Congress would not endure the embarrassment of actions against a major tax revolt. They can only save face by privatizing everything. I have had dozens of replies that people want to build websites to reward tax debt like me, many abroad and some are wealthy Arabian and Iranian oil barons who want to use advertising revenue to promote these websites to benefit from fall of U.S government and $6 billion per year to support Israel.
    IRS work is dangerous and might become more dangerous because of increasing hostility toward government. An IRS agent was murdered a few years ago in Kentucky after investigating a crystal-meth lab. As with the fall of the Roman Empire, mob activity is on the rise and more dangerous work will be required of IRS to make tax sanctions more punitive by being forced to investigate an increasing number of drug traffickers. The progressive tax system, for all intentional purposes, never existed, and I make the middle class aware of that as they pay all the taxes and are becoming more disgruntled. I believe the Democrats will pick up seats in November, making it impossible for Trump to cut taxes to extend life of federal government. A major loss of taxes means less enforce-ability of tariff law, which can be undermined by contraband through Mexican-Canadian borders, coastlines, even GPS-controlled propellers for parachute drops.


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